Machail Yatra 2023

Machail Yatra Kishtwar (Jammu, Kashmir)

Machail Mata Yatra 2023
Machail Yatra

The Machail Mata Yatra in Padder Kishtwar, an annual pilgrimage in the Jammu and Kashmir region, has gained popularity in recent years due to the location’s hot springs, mountains shrouded in clouds, and 32-kilometer riverside trek’s unparalleled beauty. The Machail Mata (Maa Chandi) Temple is located in the village of Machail in the Padder district of Jammu & Kashmir. From Jammu, one can drive to Gulabhgarh. From Gulabhgarh, one must walk to the Machail Mata Temple.

But now that a tractor road has been completed halfway to the temple in recent years, one can choose to go there using private transportation and complete the rest of the route on foot.

The Padder region is renowned for its sapphire mines.

Helicopter services were also available Subject to weather conditions

Helicopter takes approx 7 minutes to reach Machail Temple from Gulabhgarh.

Those who visit by Chopper will miss a lot of beautiful things of Machail Yatra.  

The journey to the Machail Temple is exceedingly picturesque. There are numerous villages along the way where travellers can stay for a reasonable rate and receive complimentary langars at various village stops (including Massu Kundail and Chashoti villages) during the yearly yatra.

Machail Mata Yatra 2023
Machail Yatra


History of Machail Mata Yatra

One must be aware that commander Zoravar Singh Kahluria (1784–12 December 1841) sought Machail Mata’s approval before engaging in battle as the army commander of Raja Gulab Singh, the Dogra king.

When Thakur Kulbeer Singh of Bhaderwah was assigned to the padder area of Kishtwar in 1981, he visited the Mata Machail Shrine, where he received Mata Machail’s blessings and began meditating. From that point on, Thakur Kulveer Singh began the annual Holy (mace) Shari Yatra, which begins on the first of July each year. From Chinote Temple in Bhaderwah to Mata Machail Temple in Kishtwar Padder, this pilgrimage begins. Each year, thousands of devotees come to the temple for Holy Darshans, and the number keeps growing.

How to Reach Machail Temple at Kishtwar Padder

From Jammu, take a bus to Gulabhgarh Padder. Gulabhgarh is about 220 km from Jammu, and getting there by bus could take up to ten hours.

To go to Gulabhgarh, one can simply take a private taxi from the station in Jammu or Udhampur.

Once you get in Gulabgarh, take a break and benefit from the free langars that the seva samities are providing there. From here, you can watch helicopters transporting pilgrims to the Holy Temple while they soar overhead. The main road ends in Gulabgarh, which serves as the base camp for the Machail Yatra, and you must go 32 kilometres on foot or on the PMG SY tractor road to get to the Machail temple.

Start your journey early in the day because it takes two days to reach the holy temple. Enjoy the langars along the road in various villages. Don’t forget to perform service there because they provide free food for everyone who is willingly travelling to the holy shrine.

Take a break and spend the night close to the village of Chashoti before travelling to the Holy Temple the following day. During that time, you can rent a room or a tent and relax. After relaxing, it’s time to bathe at the bathing ghat and see Machail Mata at the sacred temple. After receiving darshans, you experience an unmatched and extraordinary amount of energy and fulfilment. Writing this one gave me shivers because I’ve been to Machail Mata several times.

It’s out of the world feeling Trust me, Go once, and you don’t want to come back. It’s that Magical Place.

Machail Mata Yatra 2023
Machail Mata


Visit Monasteries in Machail Village

There are two monasteries in machail village, One is about 2 KMS towards west of temple and one is towards east of Holy Temple. Monasteries Trek is plain and beautiful, where you can see old Buddhist houses near monasteries.

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Geography Of Machail Padder Kishtwar

The Paddar village is connected to Himachal Mindhal, Pangi HP, and the Zanskar valley of the Leh Region on both sides.

About 50 miles from Padder is the well-known Killar Pass Road, also known as the Death Road. From there, you can continue on to Sach Pass and then continue on to Lahaul Spiti.

Distance From

  • Gulabhgarh Padder to Spiti distance 346 km
  • Gulabhgarh to Killar Distance 54 Km
  • Gulabhgarh to Keylong Lahaul spiti distance 180 km
  • Gulabhgarh to Dalhousie Himachal, Distance 231 km
  • From Killar the roads bifurcates to Himachal and Lahaul
  • Now one may wonder how all this is connected from a central place and that is Padder
  • Many travellers ride on this road to complete driving circuits and achieve a sense of adventure and off-road driving achievements.
  • Various national and international trekkers from Zanskar were found to take rest at Machail village, while trekking by foot from Zanskar to kishtwars padder towards Lahaul‘s keylong or Himachal As this trek is very adventurous and takes 3 to 4 days with professional Guides to complete.

How to do Machail Yatra on foot?

 7 Important Things to Remember

Some important things for yatra.

If you decide to do Machail yatra by foot, then you must note some important points for yatra.

  1. Start early morning as the during early morning, and you can cover large by starting early, as the day proceeds temperature rises you may face direct sunlight during trek for hours as some trek sections are such that there is no forest area, and you have to trek in open during midday, avoid that for pleasant experience.
  2.  Carry drinking water with you, avoid drinking from natural sources as it may upset your stomach, and you may face problems.
  3. Carry a waterproof bag with you, It may shower with in few hours unexpectedly
  4. Carry your medicines
  5. Maintain physical fitness before yatra
  6. Never do yatra in dark as it may be dangerous to walk in forest after evening.
  7. Do Carry a torch

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s 32 KMS by foot from Gulabgarh to Machail Mata Temple.

By bus/cab from Jammu / Udhampur to gulabgarh /  kishtwar and then travel by foot or by helicopter to Holy temple of Machail Mata.

It’s 32 Kilometres by foot.

Yes you need woollen clothes, keep a pair of light woollens with you.

Machail Yatra started from 25 July This year.

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